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This is for all you Fantastic F1 fans out there. F1ntastic is Your Read Stop, the ultimate blog for Fantastic Formula 1 content. Every one of us deserves to chill out and spend some time enjoying the Formula 1 world. We all know that F1 is fantastic; and don’t we love that adrenaline that rushes through our bodies when the cars go roaring down the straights.

F1ntastic was founded in late May 2020 by Hriday. Hriday is a young F1 lover who wants to pursue his passion for F1. At this blog, everyone can enjoy Formula 1 through reading. The goal of F1ntastic is to bring joy, information, and knowledge to people in the F1 community and beyond.

Periodically, we publish new posts on the site; we write various different types of content, the topic always being about or related to Formula 1. It could be news, some analysis, something about the F1 game; Formula 1 is such an interesting and diverse topic. The excitement of Formula 1 just never ends, does it? And a true Formula 1 fan like me would be ready to delve deep into the world of F1 at any time. 

What’s unique about F1ntastic is that we like our reader to be able to truly understand what we are talking about. We would like you to be given that opportunity to understand more than just what the topic of the post is. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know much about Formula 1; that’s why we have our Guide To Formula 1. We post unique content and unique features and analysis that will allow you to look at F1 from a completely different angle.

Feel free to explore the website, and always stay on the lookout for new posts; after all, this is, Your Read Stop. To get regular updates, exclusive content, and to enjoy F1 more than ever, subscribe to F1ntastic below. Visit the Contact Us page to contact us. Enjoy F1ntastic!