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This is the email address where you can send emails with any queries you have, or just in general to contact us. Replies will come from this email address as well. We also have a contact form, where you can quickly send us a message or a query. Also, check out F1ntastic on social media! You can contact us from Instagram and Twitter as well! However, the best way to contact us is through the email address above.

One last way to contact us is through the comments section on our blog posts. However, there is a strict comment policy on our comments.

Our comment policy states the following:  Before commenting, please read and understand our comment policy. All comments submitted on are moderated. Please keep your comments respectful and as relevant to the post as possible. Advertisers/comments containing links in the comments will be considered spam. Access to this website can be restricted for commenters who are repeatedly or are clearly are not adhering to this policy. Thank you for your cooperation, and enjoy F1ntastic!

The policy above applies to all forms of contacting us. Thank you for your cooperation, and enjoy F1ntastic, Your Read Stop!