F1 IS RETURNING! Revised 2020 F1 Calendar Released!

F1 IS RETURNING! Revised 2020 F1 Calendar Released!

The revised 2020 F1 calendar has finally been released! F1 IS RETURNING! I am very excited to write this post because this is INCREDIBLY positive news. We’ve been waiting for such news since the cancellation of the Australian Grand Prix back in March! The drivers and teams are set to arrive at Austria less than a month from now. They’ll be back on track again on the 3rd of July 2020, in Free Practice 1 and FP2 on Friday.

The first race will take place on the 5th of July at the Red Bull Ring. That’s the swift high-speed track owned by Red Bull located in Spielberg, Austria. Of course, there will be no spectators. It is not at all safe to have spectators at a race given the current situation. Nevertheless, it is great news, and I am sure that you guys can’t wait to see the action, just like me.

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Here is an image showing where and when the first 8 races of the revised 2020 season will take place.

There are only 6 countries where there will be races for the moment. But there are 8 races, so how is it possible that there are only 6 countries? There are two races at both Austria and Great Britain. These races have separate names and dates but are at the same venue. If you look carefully at the legend on the map, you would have noticed this. Rolex has sponsored the first race in Austria, the Austrian Grand Prix. It will take place on the 5th of July.

Pirelli has sponsored the second race in Austria, the Grand Prix of Styria. That is a really good name for another Grand Prix at the same venue. It will take place on the 12th of July. Styria is one of the 9 states of Austria and is the state in which Spielberg is. Spielberg is the area where the Red Bull Ring is.

Pirelli has also sponsored the first race in Great Britain, the British Grand Prix. It will take place on the 2nd of August. The second race at Silverstone is probably one of the most important races in the history of Formula 1. On the 9th of August, will be the Emirates Formula 1 70th Anniversary Grand Prix. This will be held at the Silverstone Circuit, in honour of the 70th anniversary of Formula 1. Hopefully, the current situation improves by then, and the race is open to spectators, but we don’t know what is going to happen. Hopefully, F1 fans will be able to witness this incredibly important event, but it will be a shame if this isn’t the case.

One important thing to note is that Formula 1 only confirmed the first 8 races in the revised 2020 F1 calendar. The 8th race of the year will take place on the 6th of September in Italy. This tells us that there are more races in the revised calendar; September is much too early of an end to the season. However, we don’t know exactly when the 2020 Formula 1 season is going to end; the winter break may be shortened since there was a lack of races in the first half of the year. However, a question had popped into my mind. Will the 2020 season continue into 2021?

I feel that if you guys are thinking about this question, right now, it is good, because the fact that this season is so short may get Formula 1 to consider continuing the 2020 F1 season into 2021. They already postponed the major regulation change to 2022, so we do know the 2020 technical rules will still be present in 2021. However, there is a twist. Despite the regulation change being postponed, the spending cap will be introduced in 2021. This is a good thing and a bad thing, as it will mean closer and more competitive racing, but it can also harm the top teams in terms of their overall performance.

The same mysteries apply to Formula 2 and Formula 3, except for the mysteries related to the major regulation change, as the new regulations don’t apply to F2 and F3. However, the Pirelli already introduced the 18-inch tyres to F2 this year, and we have seen them on track in winter testing in Bahrain. I am not going to get into detail about what the technical rules are for 2022, but be sure to let me know in the comments below if you want to see a post about this.

Anyways, Formula 2 and Formula 3 will visit the same countries and follow the same revised 2020 F1 calendar, with slight adjustments to the dates and the weekend structure as per normal. Since there are fewer races in 2020, the young talents of motorsport will be pushing themselves even harder. The fact that the cars are all equal makes F2 and F3 even more competitive, but if there are fewer races in the season, the competition will be more fierce than ever. Be sure to check out the F2 and F3 races too when they take place; they will be more action-packed than before.

I am incredibly excited about this news, and I am excited to write about the revised 2020 F1 calendar because it is just what we need to lift our spirits. I know it has been well over a week since the news came out, but I wanted to take my time to think about this news, really go deep into it, and just see how significant it is. Stay on the lookout for new posts, stay safe, and thank you for reading.

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