It’s’s First Blogiversary!

It’s’s First Blogiversary!

IT’S THIS BLOG’S FIRST BLOGIVERSARY!!!! The 25th of May has finally arrived, and we can celebrate the first year of F1ntastic’s existence. This journey to year has been such a memorable one. I have cherished this blog every day for the past year leading up to this Blogiversary. And I’ll always cherish it, for founding F1ntastic changed my life forever. F1ntastic’s mission is to bring joy, information, and knowledge to people in the F1 community and beyond.

I’m hoping that’s what F1ntastic has brought to you guys. Every blogiversary, I’m hoping to look back at what F1ntastic has done since its creation and say “F1ntastic has achieved, (or is achieving) its mission”. Let me know in the comments below, do you think F1ntastic is achieving its goal? This past year has gone into achieving this mission, and that’s what the journey ahead will be focused on as well.

F1ntastic’s mission is to bring joy, information and knowledge to the F1 community and beyond

I just want to say a massive thank you to you guys! Without you readers, without your motivation, and without your wonderful comments, F1ntastic wouldn’t have reached this far. The support that F1ntastic has gotten in this last year is incredible. I want to thank my family and friends for always encouraging me and inspiring me. I still remember how, despite my first blog post being far from great, my family encouraged me to go ahead and publish it, and to take that first step. And then the positive response just fueled me even more!

Since so many people motivated me to continue and to grow F1ntastic, this blog has achieved multiple things. First of all, we’ve gained some good recognition and presence in the F1 community. This was further proved when our Guide To The 2021 Formula 1 Drivers featured in UKMotorTalk’s Daily Driver. And after that, our 2021 Spanish Grand Prix Race Review featured in their Daily Driver as well!

The post on this blog that received the most positive comments was our post with the infographic about the F1 Engine Eras. This one took me by surprise because I did some research after posting this one. I realised that Wikipedia was the only other place where there was really any information like ours! That’s why Wikipedia is the only website that comes before when you search up anything related to the F1 eras.

In case you guys don’t know, my name is Hriday. I’m the person who founded this blog and has managed F1ntastic since the very beginning. I was a huge Ferrari fan, and I just loved and still love the thrill of racing. I hope that F1ntastic can give you guys a better, deeper experience of F1. And that’s what makes this blog so unique. It’s that we like our readers to be able to truly understand what we are talking about. At the same time, we want our readers to simply enjoy our content. F1ntastic brings the perfect blend of pure fun and proper analysis and deep dives into F1. There is a lot of detail, proper research and effort in every post.

So, coming to how F1ntastic was created, in April and May 2020, I realised I had A LOT more free time. Since I was almost always at home due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, I thought that I should use the extra time for something productive. Something that was fun, yet it benefitted me. And F1ntastic was the perfect lockdown project. Pursuing Formula 1 and doing something related to my favourite sport would be fun. It would benefit me because being a blogger brings so many new learning experiences (more on that later). And best of all, it gave me an opportunity to give something to you guys! It would help you guys cherish F1 and understand how fantastic F1 is.

This was the cover image of the first blog post on!

So, here are the ways we’re celebrating this Blogiversary. A series of special feature posts are coming out on the blog soon. First up is going to be the Top 5 Posts that I’ve published on so far. That post will include the Top 5 posts as per me and as per you guys! After that post will come the Top 5 things I have learnt in my 1st year of blogging. Be sure to check that out for some vital tips! I’ll also write about moments from the Bahrain GP that inspired me to bring myself into the world of F1. Living in Bahrain and watching the Bahrain GP was my gateway to F1. And lastly, I’ll be reading and reacting to the very first post published on the blog!

I posted the first blog post on F1ntastic on the 5th of June 2020. The 11 days from the creation of the blog were so crucial and so fun! I entered this completely new world that I had never experienced in this way. It was incredible, from designing the website, to actually writing that first post. I remember that the post was about the first look we got at the new Hanoi Street Circuit in the then-upcoming F1 2020 Game. On the 5th of June 2021, I will post both a blog post and a YouTube video on F1ntastic Gaming of me reading and reacting to the very first post on this blog! I’m looking forward to it because I haven’t read it since I first posted it.

This is a day of such happiness and joy here at F1ntastic. I’ve tried multiple projects before, but this is the one that has worked the best. It’s the one that I’ve managed to continue. It’s the one that’s reached its first anniversary. Stay safe, and let’s celebrate the First Blogiversary of F1ntastic!

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