Red Bull Racing Honda –’s Guide To Formula 1

2021 Formula Teams: Red Bull Racing
Full Team NameRed Bull Racing Honda
BaseMilton Keynes, United Kingdom
Team ChiefChristian Horner
Technical ChiefPierre Waché
Power UnitHonda
First Team Entry1997
World Championships4
Highest Race Finish1 (x64)
Pole Positions64
Fastest Laps68

Red Bull Racing have engraved their name in Formula 1 history as a team who absolutely commanded Formula 1 for 4 consecutive years. From 2010 – 2013, Red Bull was just blisteringly quick, and nobody could catch them. Red Bull won not only the Constructors’ Titles but the Drivers’ Titles for those 4 years, making that 4 consecutive double world champions. Only Mercedes and Ferrari have more consecutive double-titles than Red Bull. Sebastian Vettel is the driver who won those 4 Drivers’ title for Red Bull, and in doing so, Sebastian Vettel became the youngest world champion and the youngest quadruple F1 world champion. These are astounding achievements from Red Bull, and Red Bull are on a quest to getting back to being the best in Formula 1.

Red Bull has been in motorsports and Formula 1 for over 20 years. It all began when Red Bull sponsored Sauber F1 Team from 1995 – 2004. The Red Bull logo was already familiar to F1 fans when Red Bull entered Formula 1 as a constructor in 2005, under the name Red Bull Racing. Dietrich Mateschitz, the co-founder and owner of Red Bull GmbH, bought the largely unsuccessful Jaguar Racing team in 2004. In 2005, the team had a good start, and in 2006, they achieved their first podium. But Red Bull REALLY took off in 2009, claiming 9 podiums and 6 race wins. They came 2nd in the Constructors’ championship, after losing to Brawn GP by less than 20 points.

And then came the glory years, with Red Bull Racing absolutely dominating Formula 1. From 2010 – 2013, they were absolutely unstoppable. Teams like Ferrari, Mercedes, McLaren and all trying to beat Red Bull to the titles. But Red Bull, with the rapid drivers Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber charging on, were unstoppable. 2011 was the most dominant year for Red Bull. The Austrian team won the Constructors’ World Championship by 153 points!! That’s INSANE!! Plus, Sebastian Vettel won the drivers’ title by 122 points, and he won 11 of the 19 races that took place in 2011. IT. WAS. INCREDIBLE.

But come to 2014, and the new turbo-hybrid era has arrived. There are brand new Formula 1 engines, and the aerodynamics had changed a lot as well. This major regulation changed hit Red Bull hard and boosted Mercedes to the top. Mercedes took the top spot from Red Bull. And now Red Bull want it back, which is why they’re going to try their hardest to become the best of the 2021 Formula 1 Teams. Max Verstappen and his new teammate Sergio Perez are going to put up a strong fight, and it’s a fight you don’t wanna miss. To learn more about the drivers racing for Red Bull, visit our guide to the 2021 F1 Drivers.