WATCH: The First Video On F1ntastic Gaming, the YouTube Channel!

WATCH: The First Video On F1ntastic Gaming, the YouTube Channel!

F1ntastic Gaming is our official YouTube channel for gaming! The video above is the first video that was uploaded on the channel! This video is a tribute to the German Grand Prix and a farewell to the F1 2019 game. Feel free to watch this action-packed race, with plenty of wheel to wheel action. We raced in the Renault of Nico Hülkenberg in a 100% race around the Hockenheimring. For the last time on the F1 2019 game, but the first time on F1ntastic Gaming. This race was more than exciting! There were battles, last lap action, problems for me, problems for our competitors, crazy strategies, and more. I enjoyed recording it, and I’m sure you will enjoy watching it. The questions we want to answer are can we go out and come in with a bang? Will we achieve glory for one last time on F1 2019? There’s only one way to find out! Go ahead and watch the video!

This is an image of the F1ntastic Gaming logo.
The F1ntastic Gaming logo.

Be sure to let me know in the comments below what you think about the channel. Not just in the comments of this post, but in the comments of the video as well. Feel free to give me any suggestions for any particular content that you would like me to write about or record on the F1 game. Don’t forget to like the video and subscribe to the channel for more Formula 1 content in the form of gaming. Also, turn on notifications; will be notified when a new video is released on the channel. Stay safe, and stay on the lookout for new posts. This is, Your Read Stop.

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