2021 Singapore GP Cancelled, Replacement Race Not Decided

2021 Singapore GP Cancelled, Replacement Race Not Decided

On the 4th of June 2021, the Singapore Grand Prix race organisers confirmed that they are cancelling the 2021 Singapore GP. For the 2nd year in a row, the COVID-19 restrictions in Singapore are too strict for the race to continue. The travel restrictions bring concerns for both safety and logistics. The 2021 Singapore GP will not take place on October 1-3, and there are multiple races that can replace it.

The most likely option seems to be a 2nd race at the Circuit of the Americas in the USA. There is still a major possibility, however, of the Turkish GP or the Chinese GP filling in that spot on the calendar. However, there are multiple races that are in danger of being cancelled. Races like the Japanese Grand Prix, Australian Grand Prix, Brazilian Grand Prix and the Mexican Grand Prix.

Read the Singapore GP’s statement below:

Obviously, the cancellation of the Singapore Grand Prix is another bit of really bad news this year. After we lost the Turkish GP, the F1 world was really hoping that we could get some stability for the F1 calendar. To make matters worse, we lost the one and only Singapore GP. The Singapore GP is very famous because it is the only F1 race that is completely a night race.

It is also one of the most physically and mentally demanding races in F1. Physically demanding because the drivers have to drive at a tight and challenging street circuit for 2 hours in the searing heat and humidity. Mentally challenging because they have to do that without losing their mind! For the fans, it’s always exciting because Singapore sees overtakes, crashes, and the uncertainty of the drivers’ tire strategies.

The last Singapore GP was in 2019, where Sebastian Vettel took his last win with Ferrari and his only race win of 2019. Although nowadays I try not to support a specific team/driver, I was still a MASSIVE Ferrari fan in 2019. That is why I was ecstatic after the 2019 Singapore GP. But in general, I still loved the Singapore GP before that because of what a fantastic race and atmosphere it provides. That’s why the cancellation of the 2021 Singapore GP is one that really hurt.

Both Turkey and China have another chance to finally make it onto the 2021 Race Calendar. The race promoters for both of these races requested that Formula 1 consider them as replacements for any races that might get cancelled this year. Now there is an open slot where the 2021 Singapore GP was. This means both of those races have a good chance of making it into the calendar. Another option for a replacement is a 2nd race in the United States.

The United States Grand Prix is taking place on 22 – 24 October. It is the round straight after the open slot. The Circuit of the Americas is a great circuit and always provides fantastic races. The circuit is in Austin, Texas and is not going to be the only American F1 host in 2022, since the Miami Grand Prix is going to make its F1 debut.

As I mentioned earlier, 4 other F1 races might face cancellation. That could result in multiple of these replacement options to still make the calendar. First of all, the Australian GP Corporation might have to cancel the race due to the tight COVID-19 restrictions in Australia. The Australian GP takes place at the Albert Park Circuit in Melbourne. If a single positive COVID case comes in Melbourne, there will be a city-wide lockdown. With tight travel restrictions and a likely requirement for all F1 personnel being vaccinated, there is a lot of uncertainty as to whether the race will go ahead.

If a member of the F1 paddock tests positive in Melbourne there might be issues. If the Australian authorities are not completely satisfied with F1’s COVID procedures, the race might even face last-minute cancellation. However, F1 will probably commit to the Australian GP after confirming with the authorities that these sorts of issues won’t change things at the last minute.

The COVID situation is far from good in Japan. However, the country is committing to holding the Tokyo Olympics this summer. For now, the Japanese GP organisers are expecting the race to go ahead without any issues. But they will make a full assessment and put forward a final decision after the Olympics.

As for Mexico and Brazil, they are both countries that were BADLY hit by the pandemic, especially Brazil. The race organisers are persevering and pushing hard to keep the race going. They believe they can allocate specific hotels and safe transport to keep F1 personnel safe. If the UK puts Brazil or Mexico on their Red List, there’s a high chance the races won’t go ahead.

Hopefully, we’ll know which race is going to replace Singapore on the calendars soon. All I’m hoping for is that there are no more calendar changes, and no more pain. Stay safe, and stay on the lookout for new posts and new news! Enjoy F1ntastic!

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