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2023 Formula 1 Teams

Welcome to the 2nd segment of F1ntastic.com’s Guide To Formula 1! Here we have a page all about all of the 2023 Formula 1 Teams. In Formula 1, there are 10 teams. On this page, we will give you some basic knowledge about each team currently competing in Formula 1. This page will be updated with new pictures of the cars after the car reveals. Updates may also be made to the team names as we get closer to the season opener.

In this post, there is a contents table. Use the contents table to access information about each of the teams, since this page is quite long. Just click on the name of the team you want to read about, and you’ll reach the part of this page with information about that team. So let’s go ahead and find out all about the 2023 Formula 1 Teams!

Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula 1 Team

Mercedes - The Defending Champions - 2022 Formula 1 Teams
Full Team NameMercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team
BaseBrackley, United Kingdom
Team ChiefToto Wolff
Technical ChiefMike Elliott
Power UnitMercedes
First Team Entry1970
World Championships8
Highest Race Finish1 (x115)
Pole Positions127
Fastest Laps85
These are the stats before the beginning of the 2022 season

The reigning champions, the current Kings of the 2022 Formula 1 Teams, were in a league of their own. Before 2021, Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team, better known as just Mercedes, had dominated the last 7 seasons of Formula 1. They won the 2020 Formula 1 World Championship by a massive 254 points. But in 2021, Red Bull Racing gave them a run for their money. However, Mercedes were clearly the stronger team. While Red Bull had some great performances, Mercedes were consistently strong. There were only 3 races in 2021 where they scored concerningly low points. Since Hamilton was fighting for the title, and Bottas comfortably beat Perez, Mercedes could secure P1 in the constructors’ standings for 8 years in a row. But this time, they had a rival team to really push them to perform their best.

Mercedes first came to F1 back in 1954. They came into the championship in the middle of the season. The constructors’ championship didn’t exist until 1958. In 1954, 1951 World Champion Juan Manuel Fangio left Maserati in the middle of the season to join Mercedes. He won the 1954 Championship with Mercedes, an astonishing achievement. However, in 1955, disaster struck. At the famous 24 Hours of Le Mans race of 1955, there was a major tragedy. A Mercedes driver, who was part of this major crash, died in the accident. This prompted Mercedes to leave motorsports COMPLETELY. Fangio won the 1955 F1 title, despite the cancellation of many races in Formula 1, and it was Mercedes’ last year in F1 as a team until 2010.

To learn more about the history of the team and how they got to such a high level, read the complete guide to the Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula 1 Team. Click here to visit the complete guide to the Mercedes F1 Team. They joined back F1 in 2010, and while they struggled in the first few years, they struck gold in 2014. For the next 8 years, they were unstoppable, and they’re hoping to make it 9 championships this year. As of 2022, George Russell joins 7-time World Champ Lewis Hamilton, as Russell gets promoted from Williams to Mercedes. Do you think Russell will deliver with Mercedes? And also, will the new era of chassis nerf Mercedes? To learn more about the drivers racing for Mercedes, visit our guide to the 2022 F1 Drivers. To learn about the other F1 teams, keep reading!

Red Bull Racing

Red Bull - Reigning Drivers's Champions - 2022 Formula 1 Teams
Full Team NameRed Bull Racing
BaseMilton Keynes, United Kingdom
Team ChiefChristian Horner
Technical ChiefPierre Waché
Power UnitRed Bull Powertrains
First Team Entry1997
World Championships4
Highest Race Finish1 (x75)
Pole Positions73
Fastest Laps76

Red Bull Racing have engraved their name in Formula 1 history as a team who absolutely commanded Formula 1 for 4 consecutive years. From 2010 to 2013, Red Bull Racing was just blisteringly quick, and nobody could catch them. Red Bull is an energy drinks company, and they initially entered F1 as a sponsor for Sauber (now Alfa Romeo Racing). They sponsored Sauber from 1995 to 2004. In 2005, Red Bull bought two existing teams in F1 – Jaguar Racing and Minardi F1 Team. Jaguar Racing became Red Bull Racing, and Minardi became Toro Rosso (now AlphaTauri).

In 5 short years, Red Bull’s era of success had begun. From 2010 to 2013, Red Bull won not only the Constructors’ Titles but the Drivers’ Titles for those 4 years, making that 4 consecutive double world champions. Only Mercedes and Ferrari have more consecutive double-titles than Red Bull. Sebastian Vettel is the driver who won those 4 Drivers’ titles for Red Bull, and in doing so, Sebastian Vettel became the youngest world champion and the youngest quadruple F1 world champion. They haven’t won a championship since, but they are now one of the fastest of the 2022 Formula 1 Teams. They’re closer than ever to ending Mercedes’ reign.

While they lost the Constructors’ Championship at the final race, Max Verstappen ended Lewis Hamilton’s reign by winning the 2021 Drivers’ Championship in a controversial ending to a fantastic season. Coming into 2022, Mercedes and Hamilton were shaken by defeat. Red Bull will surely aim to gain the upper hand in the early stages of the season to try and secure the double championship in the first year of F1’s new era. For the first time since Daniel Ricciardo left Red Bull, Red Bull are retaining a driver for 2 full years. Together, they’re hoping to take another step forward and make Red Bull the best of the 2022 Formula 1 Teams. To learn more about the drivers racing for Red Bull, visit our guide to the 2022 F1 Drivers. Click here to visit the complete guide to Red Bull Racing.

Scuderia Ferrari

Ferrari - Back on the rise - 2022 F1 Teams
Ferrari is the oldest of the 2022 Formula 1 Teams
Full Team NameScuderia Ferrari
BaseMaranello, Italy
Team ChiefMattia Binotto
Technical ChiefEnrico Cardile / Enrico Gualtieri
Power UnitFerrari
First Team Entry1950
World Championships16
Highest Race Finish1 (x239)
Pole Positions223
Fastest Laps253

The greatest team to ever grace a Formula 1 racetrack is, of course, Scuderia Ferrari. They have been racing in F1 since its very existence, and is the only team that is still racing in F1 for 71 years in a row! The 2021 Abu Dhabi GP, which was the 2021 season finale, was Ferrari’s 1032nd race entered, and the 1030th race start. The prestige, history and success that the Scuderia has achieved are simply mind-blowing. Growing up, when I saw those red racers dash down the main straight, I never imagined I’d be writing about them and their history one day. Ferrari are clearly the best team in F1 history, with 16 Constructors’ Championships, 15 Drivers’ Championships, and 239 race wins. They’re by far the most historically successful of the 2022 Formula 1 Teams. However, in the last 15 years, Ferrari haven’t achieved much glory.

In 2007, they won their last Drivers’ Championship with Kimi Raikkonen winning an insane championship. Since 2009, other teams have been were consistently beating Ferrari and outperforming them. 2012, 2017 and 2018 were the only years when they had a car that was fast enough to actually fight for the constructors’ championship. In 2019, Mercedes dominated even more, with Ferrari only winning 3 races. And 2020, the worst year for Ferrari since 1980. In 2020, Ferrari finished 6th in the constructors’ standings. The team struggled to have a driver finish in the Top 5. But 2021 was a fantastic year. Ferrari made a huge leap, scoring nearly 200 points more than the year before.

In 2022, after becoming the best in the midfield, Ferrari are hoping to get back to fighting for race wins. Given the huge amount of progress they made and given the funding and resources that the team has, I think this is very much possible. In 2021, they managed to beat McLaren, who were the best of the midfield in 2020 and had the upper hand for most of 2021. In 2022, the Prancing Horses are going to have to watch out for the Papaya cars. As it was in 2021, Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz will be donning the red race suits this year. To learn more about the drivers racing for Scuderia Ferrari, visit our guide to the 2022 F1 Drivers.

McLaren F1 Team

McLaren - Setting their sights on 3rd - 2022 F1 Teams
Full Team NameMcLaren F1 Team
BaseWoking, United Kingdom
Team ChiefAndreas Seidl
Technical ChiefJames Key
Power UnitMercedes
First Team Entry1966
World Championships8
Highest Race Finish1 (x183)
Pole Positions156
Fastest Laps160

McLaren is the 2nd oldest of the 2021 Formula 1 Teams and has always been McLaren, from the very start. The ownership and the overall brand of McLaren have stayed the same for an astonishing 55 years. McLaren is the 2nd most successful Formula 1 team in history. They have 8 constructors’ titles, 12 drivers’ titles, and 182 race wins. These absolutely astonishing numbers are a glimpse of McLaren’s rich history.

In 1966, Bruce McLaren, a New Zealand racing driver, founded Bruce McLaren Racing Ltd. He had already been a Formula 1 driver for about 7 years, and at the end of 1965, he left the Cooper team to start his own team. As was expected of a new Formula 1 team back in the ’60s the team was very unsuccessful. But after 2 years, they switched to the Ford-Cosworth DFV engines and finished 1969 and 1970 in 5th in the constructors’ title. They were succeeding. But in the middle of 1970, Bruce McLaren died in a car crash while testing a McLaren Can-Am racing car. It was a shame, because, in 1974, McLaren won their first constructors’ title and their first drivers’ title with Emerson Fittipaldi. It was something Bruce would’ve loved to see.

2021 didn’t go the way McLaren hoped it would. In the first 15 races, McLaren were ahead of their close rivals Ferrari. But Ferrari were consistently performing well in the last few races of the season, which left McLaren in 4th in the championship and nearly 50 points behind Ferrari. McLaren still improved a lot from 2020 – it’s just that Ferrari improved far more. In 2022, with the new era coming in, McLaren are going to aim to continue the fight against the Prancing Horses and this time. With Lando Norris reaching even further heights in 2021, and Ricciardo finally getting more used to the team and the car, they have a better chance. To learn more about the drivers racing for McLaren, visit our guide to the 2021 F1 Drivers. Click here to visit the complete guide to the McLaren F1 Team, and to learn about their complete history.

Alpine F1 Team

Alpine - More steps to be taken - 2022 F1 Teams
Full Team NameAlpine F1 Team
BaseEnstone, United Kingdom
Team ChiefPat Fry
Technical ChiefAndrew Green
Power UnitRenault
First Team Entry1977
World Championships2
Highest Race Finish1 (x21)
Pole Positions20
Fastest Laps15

Alpine F1 Team is about to start its 2nd year in F1 with the Alpine brand. In 2021, Renault rebranded their F1 team in order to promote Alpine, which is a sports car brand that Renault owns. Before 2021, the team was known as Renault F1 Team. Renault first entered Formula 1 in 1977, under the name Équipe Renault Elf. They stayed in F1 as a constructor until 1985. In 1983, Renault were 10 points behind Ferrari, who won the constructors’ championship. After 1985, Renault didn’t return to F1 as a constructor until 2002. However, Renault remained in F1 as an engine supplier. They first supplied engines in 1983, when they were the engine supplier for Lotus and for their own team.

Renault’s engines have been very successful in the past, as they have powered 11 championship-winning cars. And of course, Renault won the constructor’s World Championships in 2005 and 2006, which is also when Alonso won his drivers’ championships with them. However, Renault have struggled in recent years. They’ve only managed to finish in 5th in the standings for 3 consecutive years (2019-2021). However, they did have some great performances in 2021, with Ocon winning the Hungarian GP, and Alonso securing a podium in Qatar. In 2022, Alpine are hoping to build on that and try and gain more ground in the midfield.

Aston Martin Cognizant F1 Team

Aston Martin - Another disappointing year, or are there improvements? (BEAUTIFUL CAR) - 2022 Formula 1 Teams
Full Team NameAston Martin Cognizant F1 Team
BaseSilverstone, United Kingdom
Team ChiefMike Krack
Technical ChiefAndrew Green
Power UnitMercedes
First Team Entry2018
World ChampionshipsN/A
Highest Race Finish1 (x1)
Pole Positions1
Fastest LapsN/A

Aston Martin. This historic brand entered Formula 1 in 2021, or should I say, they re-entered Formula 1. Aston Martin first entered Formula 1 as a constructor way back in 1959. However, their journey was short-lived, for they only participated in 5 races before leaving F1. Around 60 years later, Aston Martin is back. This team has faced many major changes and challenges in recent years. The Aston Martin team was known as Force India until 2018 when the High Court in London put the team into administration mid-season. The team couldn’t pay their debts, and now that the team was in administration, there was a worry that the team members wouldn’t get paid their salaries.

That’s when a consortium led by Canadian billionaire Lawrence Stroll took over the team. Sergio Perez actually invested in the team and helped them during this time as well. The team was rebranded to Racing Point, and Lance Stroll left Williams at the end of 2018 to join them in 2019. The team struggled in 2019, but in 2020, they were flying. One of the biggest secrets to their pace was the fact that they (Racing Point) bought Mercedes’ 2019 cars’ front and rear brake duct designs and used them on their cars. And for that, Racing Point was fined €400,000 and 15 constructors’ championship points. Read more about it in our post about how the FIA changed the regulations to avoid a repeat of this. Since they lost 15 points, they couldn’t secure P3 in the constructors’ standings.

2021 was a tough year – the regulation changes really hit Aston Martin hard, and they ended up stuck at the rear end of the midfield pack. With Sebastian Vettel bringing a wealth of experience to the team, they were hoping for better. And in 2022, they have the opportunity to capitalise on a fresh start, with Vettel and Lance Stroll in their cars. To learn more about the drivers racing for Aston Martin, visit our guide to the 2022 F1 Drivers. Click here to visit the complete guide to the Aston Martin Cognizant F1 Team, and to learn about their complete history.

Scuderia AlphaTauri

Full Team NameScuderia AlphaTauri
BaseFaenza, Italy
Team ChiefFranz Tost
Technical ChiefJody Egginton
Power UnitRed Bull Powertrains
First Team Entry1985
World ChampionshipsN/A
Highest Race Finish1 (x2)
Pole Positions1
Fastest Laps2

AlphaTauri was originally a junior team to Red Bull. Many F1 fans that have been following F1 for the past few years know that AlphaTauri used to be known as Toro Rosso. As I mentioned earlier, when Red Bull, the Austrian energy drinks company, were entering Formula 1, they bought two existing F1 teams. They bought Jaguar Racing and Minardi F1 Team. Red Bull changed Jaguar Racing to Red Bull Racing, and Minardi became Toro Rosso. However, there were some requirements from Paul Stoddart, the owner of Minardi before Red Bull bought it. He wanted the team to keep its base in Italy and retain the HQ in Faenza until at least 2007. AlphaTauri still has its headquarters in Faenza today. Red Bull named the team Scuderia Toro Rosso, with Toro Rosso being Italian for Red Bull and referring to the Italian heritage of the team.

Toro Rosso struggled in their early years in F1. The Minardi team that they took over was struggling, and so was Toro Rosso. 2008 was when it got a little better. Sebastian Vettel, who started his first full season of F1 in 2008, won the 2008 Italian GP in tricky conditions with a lower midfield car. That allowed Vettel to be promoted to the senior team for 2009. Red Bull co-founder and owner Dietrich Mateschitz wanted to sell Toro Rosso by the end of 2009, but after their 2008 success, he didn’t go through with that. Toro Rosso were far from successful in the years that Red Bull dominated (they were the slowest team in 2009). But from 2012 onwards, Red Bull made Toro Rosso into a team that would act as a “rookie training school” and would help train young drivers that could race for the senior team.

That’s exactly what they did – after Sebastian Vettel’s success, Daniel Ricciardo, Max Verstappen, Daniil Kvyat, Pierre Gasly, and Alex Albon all raced for Toro Rosso before reaching Red Bull. While only Ricciardo and Verstappen went on to succeed at Red Bull (especially Verstappen), it still proved to suit young drivers. In 2020, the team was rebranded to AlphaTauri, to promote the AlphaTauri fashion brand. The team is now a Red Bull sister team rather than a junior team. And I must say, they are doing much better than they did when they were Toro Rosso. Last year, they finished 6th in the championship and scored more points than they ever have. They’re a solid midfield team now, and they’re hoping for Yuki Tsunoda to support Pierre Gasly and score more points for the team in 2022.

Uralkali Haas F1 Team

Full Team NameUralkali Haas F1 Team
BaseKannapolis, United States
Team ChiefGuenther Steiner
Technical ChiefSimone Resta
Power UnitFerrari
First Team Entry2016
World ChampionshipsN/A
Highest Race Finish4 (x1)
Pole PositionsN/A
Fastest Laps2

Haas F1 Team is the newest of the 2022 Formula 1 Teams. Gene Haas, the founder and owner of Haas Automation, founded the Haas F1 Team in April 2014. They were set to enter F1 in 2015 but postponed their entry to 2016. Gene Haas already has a NASCAR Cup Series team Stewart Haas Racing. They’ve actually won 2 Drivers’ Championships since their creation in 2002. Haas F1 has their headquarters in Kannapolis, North Carolina in the US. They have a forward base in Banbury, England, which they bought from Marussia. That forward base is for their operations during the European races of the year. Haas have struggled a lot in F1. The past 6 seasons in F1 have been like a wave for them – they had an upward trajectory, hit a peak, and then they came back down again.

Their peak was back in 2018 when they finished 5th in the constructors’ championship. Grosjean, one of their drivers, finished in 4th place at the 2018 Austrian GP. They were close to being the best in the midfield, but Renault beat them to it. In 2019 they had a seriously disappointing season, with issues with sponsors as well. In 2020, they only scored 3 points. It was a very difficult end to that year for them. Haas had to let go of both of their drivers, including Grosjean, who nearly died in a fiery crash that ended up being his last race in F1.

But last year, in 2021, Haas reached a level that was lower than where they started. They scored 0 points. This was, of course, because they aligned their focus to 2022. They didn’t develop their 2021 car in order to make sure they got it right this year. They began a 5-year plan last year, which included replacing both of their drivers and bringing in a new title sponsor. But will that plan work? Will all of the money and time they invested into their 2022 car pay off? If it doesn’t, Haas F1 Team’s future in F1 is very much questionable. But if it does, then it can get their name sealed in the history books, especially because Mick Schumacher, son of Michael Schumacher, is racing for them.

Alfa Romeo Racing F1 Team ORLEN

Full Team NameAlfa Romeo F1 Team ORLEN
BaseHinwil, Switzerland
Team ChiefFrédéric Vasseur
Technical ChiefJan Monchaux
Power UnitFerrari
First Team Entry1993
World ChampionshipsN/A
Highest Race Finish1 (x1)
Pole Positions1
Fastest Laps5

Many people remember this team as Sauber. In 2018, Alfa Romeo signed a technical and commercial partnership with Sauber, before the team rebranded to Alfa Romeo Racing in 2019. Before they rebranded, this team was known as Sauber F1 Team. Sauber Motorsport reached F1 in 1993. Peter Sauber trained as an electrician and became a car salesman before he entered the world of motorsport. He built a car to race in the 1970 Swiss hillclimbing championship. Peter Sauber was Swiss, and so is the Sauber team. Team Sauber competed in championships like the World Sportscar Championship before Peter Sauber turned to F1. 1991 was when he started looking at launching a team. He brought in Harvey Postlethwaite to design the car, and Mercedes funded the new factory in Hinwil that still stands today.

The Sauber chassis names always start with a C, because Peter Sauber’s wife’s name is Christine. The first F1 Sauber chassis was the C12, with an Ilmor engine powering the car. Mercedes partnered with Sauber for the first 2 seasons of the team’s existence but left the team because they weren’t satisfied with the progress made. Mercedes gave their backing to McLaren, creating the iconic McLaren-Mercedes partnership. In 1995, Red Bull signed a 10-year sponsorship deal with Sauber. After 10 years Red Bull bought their own works team and entered F1 as Red Bull Racing. Another part of Sauber that ended in 2005 was Sauber Petronas Engineering. This was a company founded to essentially legally copy the Ferrari engine. They licensed nearly all the parts of the Ferrari engine that they could legally license.

When BMW bought the team’s majority shareholding, and renamed the team to BMW Sauber. The team even changed to a German team. That was the team’s most successful period in F1. In 2007, they finished 2nd in the standings thanks to McLaren’s disqualification. They finished 3rd in 2008, but from there they fell off. In 2010 Peter Sauber repurchased the team, and the team found a new legacy. They started bringing in young drivers. The first young driver that made their F1 debut with Sauber and then went on to succeed was Sebastian Vettel. He raced for them for one race, which was the 2007 US GP. He finished in a respectable P8, which was great for a debutant. Drivers like Nico Hulkenberg, Sergio Perez, and Charles Leclerc made their F1 debuts and found Sauber as a base before moving further and doing better at faster teams.

However, in terms of performance, Sauber haven’t been doing well. Since the beginning of the turbo-hybrid era, they’ve been stuck as backmarkers. Hopefully 2022 is the year where they can improve. With the new regulation changes, they have a chance to be in the Top 5 of the 2022 Formula 1 Teams. With an experienced and fast driver in Valtteri Bottas, and a young driver full of potential in Guanyu Zhou, the team have better chances this year.

Williams Racing

Full Team NameWilliams Racing
BaseGrove, United Kingdom
Team ChiefJost Capito
Technical ChiefFrançois-Xavier Demaison
Power UnitMercedes
First Team Entry1978
World Championships9
Highest Race Finish1 (x114)
Pole Positions129
Fastest Laps133

Williams Racing. A name that has echoed through Formula 1 for decades. This team has rattled the racetrack with their success. Being the 3rd oldest team in Formula 1 after McLaren and Ferrari, this team has a rich and illustrious history. Their biggest achievement is having the 2nd most constructors’ titles in Formula 1 history. Ferrari are 1st with 16 championships, and Williams are 2nd with 9 championships. McLaren are close behind Williams with 8. Williams’ last championship was 1997, when they won the constructors’ championship, along with their driver Jacques Villeneuve winning the drivers’ championship.

Frank Williams was the man behind Williams Racing. He had a passion for racing started to delve into his knack for dealing with racing cars and spares. In 1977, Williams Grand Prix Engineering was born. That’s the original name of Williams Racing. The team was created, with Patrick Head as their engineer. That was the birth of the Williams-Head partnership. The team competed in 11 races with Patrick Nève as their lone driver, but they weren’t considered as having taken part in the championship. 1978 was the real, official debut. They achieved a fair amount of success, with their sole driver Alan Jones scoring a podium.

1979 was a crucial year as Williams became championship contenders. Williams started scoring race wins, and things were looking strong for the team. And in 1980, Frank Williams achieved his dream. Williams dominated and won won the Formula 1 Constructors’ Championship, with Alan Jones winning the Drivers’. Carlos Reutemann raced alongside Jones. Williams won the Constructors’ in 1981 as well, although Nelson Piquet won the drivers’ championship. Reutemann was only 1 point behind. After that, there was a 5-year gap where Williams were far from championship contention. What’s crazy is that Keke Rosberg won the drivers’ championship in 1982, despite only scoring 1 win and Williams finishing 4th in the constructors’.

Williams won multiple championships in the 1980s and the 1990s. Both drivers’ and constructors’ titles adorn the Williams name. However, in recent years, Williams have been far from successful. Williams were still a top team in the early 2000s, but 2004 was the beginning of their downfall. Williams fell down the midfield. But in 2014 the Turbo-Hybrid era started and Williams hit a jackpot. With their Mercedes engine, they had a fast car that led to 3rd place in the standings in 2014 and 2015. However, the celebrations ended there. In 2016, Williams scored only 1 podium, in contrast to 4 in 2015 and 8 in 2014. 2017 saw another big drop in the points scored, although they got one podium. And after that, Williams have struggled to be more than last. In 2021, they broke the last-place curse, but they might be back at the bottom in 2022.

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