All The Formula 1 Engine Eras (2022 Update) Infographic

All The Formula 1 Engine Eras (2022 Update) Infographic

The Formula 1 Engine Eras Infographic is the most successful post I’ve posted on this blog so far. It’s a fan favourite, but I published it 18 months ago. With a lot more new information about the beginning of this new era, or specifically, new sub-era, I decided to update the infographic. I’ve also added information about sub-eras within the engine era of 1966-1986. To learn more about the major regulation changes of 2022, check out our post about it.

The eras of Formula 1 are usually determined by the changes in the Formula 1 engine. As F1 teams discovered more technologies and as they came up with new innovations, the FIA kept changing the rules to allow certain things. The latest major regulation change was in 2014. That’s when F1 switched to turbo-hybrid engines. And 2014 was a prime example of when regulation changes can switch up the order in F1. Red Bull, the team that dominated from 2010 to 2013, fell off in 2014. Mercedes rose to the top because they took advantage of the regulation change.

While F1 eras change based on the engine regulations, there are sub-eras within the engine eras. These sub-eras start and end with major regulation changes that don’t involve the engine. For example, 2022 is the beginning of a new sub-era. There is a major regulation change, but it affects the aerodynamics and the chassis of the car. In terms of the engine, the only change this year is the fuel and the fact that the teams can’t develop their engines after the season starts.

That development freeze will last until 2025, which is when the next era of F1 truly begins. However, these changes are quite major because with new fuel and a development freeze the engine suppliers will have to cram in a lot of work before the beginning of the 2022 F1 season. Keep an eye out to see if any of the teams get the jump at the beginning of the new sub-era!

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